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– The first doses of the anti-Covid 19 vaccines developed in China, the first country in the world to deal with the coronavirus emergency, could be ready and available for the Chinese population already “in November or December”. Word of an expert from the Chinese Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Wu Guizhen, quoted by the Global Times, the voice of the Beijing government abroad.

– At least 31,056 people have contracted the coronavirus in the United States in the past 24 hours, according to the latest update from Johns Hopkins University. The victims since yesterday are 340.

– There are 1,008 coronavirus infections recorded in the last 24 hours in Italy, over 450 less than yesterday but with almost 27 thousand fewer swabs: 72,143 were performed on Saturday, 45,309 yesterday. Instead, the increase in victims doubles in one day: from 7 on Sunday to 14 today, for a total of 35,624 since the beginning of the emergency. Among the regions, Basilicata is the only one not to report new cases. The currently positive in our country are therefore 389,187, of which 197 in intensive care (+10), 2,122 hospitalized with symptoms (+80), 36,868 in home isolation. The total healed are 213,950 (of which 316 in the last 24 hours).

– British researchers are about to start testing nasal spray vaccines against the coronavirus. Getting the doses directly from the nose to the lungs could give a better immune response than traditional methods, the researchers explain, according to the BBC. The team from Imperial College London will use two forerunners already in development: one from Oxford-AstraZeneca and one from Imperial which entered human testing in June.

– The State-Regions conference approved the agreement on the quota of doses of influenza vaccines that the regions will distribute to the territorial system of pharmacies, guaranteeing the possibility of purchasing the vaccine by individuals. The government has assured that it will find the necessary doses to fully cover the needs of the regions for the fragile categories. The agreement was necessary to prevent the possible concomitance of circulation of Covid-19 and seasonal flu.

– Coronavirus cases globally have exceeded the threshold of 29 million: this is what emerges from the counts of Johns Hopkins University. According to the American university, to date the toll of infections in the world is at 29,019,639, including 924,463 deaths. Since the start of the pandemic, 19,630,897 people have healed.

– The director of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, recalled today by relaunching a tweet the recommendation he made in March to avoid greeting each other with the elbow because it does not allow to observe the recommended safety distance to avoid the contagion.

– “We asked to have quick tests and to make sure that there is the least number of days of doubt and that an answer is given immediately to the boys.” for handling Covid cases at school.

– In the United States, the coronavirus toll has risen to at least 194,079 deaths and 6,519,979 overall cases. This is what emerges from the data of John Hopkins University.

– Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was discharged today, around 11.30, from San Raffaele in Milan where he had been hospitalized since Thursday 3 September after having tested positive for the Covid-Sars2 test.

– Students have a great desire to go back to class and regain sociality. This will be a complex year, we know, but we have worked hard and built a prevention strategy that will work if everyone does their part responsibly ”. Thus Minister Lucia Azzolina, this morning, to Unomattina, wishing happy school year to students and students.

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