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Flirting tips on the net – tips for women

Flirting on the net is a great way to get to know men and women. Allegedly seven million Germans are active in partner portals. So that you can find one or the other personable contact there, there are a few flirting tips on the net.

In the first round, men select according to their appearance.

It is pointless to refuse the picture and to rely on inner values. Your appearance beckons the man – hair, eyes, lips, figure. Your charisma. If you don’t have good photos, have some taken. Worth it.

We women have to live with that. I claim: we live with it.

A personal example: When I set up my profile in a partner exchange, I first uploaded a few photos. The next day I wanted to give a text and some personal information.

I was completely amazed when I saw that I had received letters by return of post – only because of the pictures. The interested parties knew nothing about me. No preferences, no quality, nothing. The photos were enough for the men.

At first, a woman thinks: “Wow, so many nice guys.” Immediately some of them approach you. It seems a lot easier and more relaxed than at a party.

The euphoric beginning of online dating is followed by disillusionment. The dream man is not there. Anyone who knows that can be prepared for it.

In addition to dubious figures, there are many likeable people in dating sites. You are charming, flirtatious, and sincere. But in the end it’s the needle in the haystack that we have to find. The large number of aspirants sometimes makes us forget that. This is precisely why the following online flirting tips are particularly important …

Flirting online is just one of the many opportunities to meet nice people and maybe fall in love.

There is a risk of becoming boggy in the online world. We are constantly being suggested new men. There are always new inquiries. We could permanently polish our own profile. Flirting on the net costs a lot of time and energy.

But life takes place outside. Anyone looking for a friend, lover or significant other online must get away from their PC and smartphone. In pubs, concerts, at parties, in the sports studio, on a city trip, for hiking, for coffee with friends, on a business trip. Anything that brings you outside is good. Because it strengthens you, practice small talk, flirting, and being relaxed with people.

Those who have both feet in life have the chance to make contacts in the virtual world that endure in real life. Here you will find my basic tips for flirting in real life.

Men often write the same email to many women. So if you get mail that doesn’t address you at all, that email was probably sent to a dozen other women. It is not worth answering.

Requires a minimum of individuality. Anyone who refers to you personally and your profile in their email deserves an answer. I think it’s a matter of courtesy and respect. Even when flirting on the net. You can delete all other mails.

Flirting online is just the beginning. After a few friendly emails, we should soon be on the phone with the flirt partner. If the phone call was pleasant, make an appointment. If you don’t like the voice, the intonation, the live performance, leave it.

Men are ready to meet any woman they’ve emailed with who looks good. Women are often more picky. I only met those dating acquaintances live that I was curious about. These were men who shared at least one of my interests. Exchange and topics of conversation were guaranteed.

I wish you every success and joy with the flirting tips on the net!

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