Sole Girls dating women On the internet Relationship

If this is rejected, the match expires. This is useful if you have doubts about a profile as to whether it is really a real person.

You can upload profile photos from your mobile phone, take them directly via the smartphone camera or import them from Facebook. In addition, Bumble allows you to provide significantly more information about yourself in your profile than Tinder. You can specify your size and zodiac sign or comment on the topics of “children”, “smoking” and “drinking alcohol”. You can also describe yourself by answering “either, or” questions. Are you more of the “Netflix” type or more of the “Nightclub” type? ‘Give it away in your Bumble profile.

While Tinder only allows you to narrow down the search for a partner in terms of age and distance, you can specify other criteria on Bumble – for example, whether your partner should be non-smoker and at least 1.70 meters tall. Only Finya offers more choice in comparison. In the chat, Bumble also allows you to send pictures to the flirt partner, this is not possible with Tinder. Since June 2019 you can also start a video call or a Voice-over-IP call in the chat. So you can get to know your flirt partner better without having to exchange phone numbers.

While the number of likes is limited on Tinder and you have to pay money for certain features, such as the undo button, there are no likes restrictions on Bumble and if you accidentally wiped your dream man or woman away, you can use the “Dislike.” “Withdraw free of charge up to three times a day. To do this, you have to shake your cell phone and then move a latch on the display to the right. Such complicated operations are not uncommon at Bumble. To look at a picture in the chat you have to keep your thumb pressed on it. It’s not intuitive, but you get used to it.

What I like is that you can use Bumble completely for free. But if you wish, you can buy various comfort features. Bumble Boost, for example, is similar to Tinder Gold and shows you in advance who you like. To buy additional features, you need so-called coins, which you can purchase in the app. In our test, the prices were between 8 and 30 euros, depending on the amount of coins that we wanted to purchase at the same time.

Compared to the previous year, the number of members at Bumble has increased significantly. However, the portal does not yet show the level of awareness and the number of users of Tinder. Especially in rural regions, the area needs to be expanded significantly. In big cities this is no longer absolutely necessary. At times, Bumble also experimented with a like limit per day during our test. These tests were apparently rejected again.

Another advantage of Bumble compared to Tinder: Allocated users can swipe to their hearts’ content here. Because with “Bumble BFF” and “Bumble Bizz” the dating app also offers two modes in which it is explicitly not about dating, instead you can search for friends or business partners with a swipe of your finger. We left out these two modes in the test.

Netzwelt tested Bumble for six months and spoke to various users about their experiences with the app. You can find more about how we deal with test products, how we test and the general guidelines for our editorial team in our transparency guidelines.

Bumble was ranked in the following online dating leaderboards.

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