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Unsure about dates? No longer following our tips!

The choice of pictures plays an enormous role in online dating, because dating apps are usually pretty superficial. Instead of faking false facts, show what you have. That means uploading at least four to five pictures that show you from different perspectives. And above all: not just portraits, but pictures in which your whole body can be seen. After all, he or she will find out on the first date at the latest that you have a bit more on your hips – so why try to cover it up? This way, your date knows what to expect and doesn’t get any nasty surprises. And you don’t have to worry that he will be disappointed in the way you look. Sure, curvy women are not for everyone. However, my experience so far has been very good, because the people who swipe to the right (which corresponds to a like) could see from the start that I have curves. That didn’t deter them – on the contrary: they actually liked it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

By the way, the same principle also applies to Photoshop and exaggerated filters – hands off! Show yourself as you are!

I’ve been on a couple of dates lately and I felt most comfortable when we were out for a walk. When running, you feel less observed, you can’t look at each other all the time, and the atmosphere is more relaxed. You probably know that too: When you sit down, your thighs look even thicker than they usually do and your stomach makes this bulge that you try to hide with your handbag. It’s sometimes uncomfortable even over coffee with your best friend – imagine how you feel on the first date!

Do not try to impress your date with your sexy dress, which only fits well if you pull in your stomach and stretch your chest out. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable. Otherwise you will just waste unnecessary time (as with point 2) worrying about how you look. Instead, you should concentrate on the date and your conversations! You seem to have already convinced with your looks – otherwise the match would not have come about in the first place. Now it’s about to score with sympathy. What’s your favorite outfit? What do you feel most comfortable in? This is your perfect first date look!

Do not give up! Online dating can be frustrating because you really have to kiss some frogs before you find your prince. But the more you go on dates, the more routine you develop. Where you were very nervous and excited at the beginning, you are much more relaxed on the third or fourth date. And even if you don’t find the dream prince after all, you learn something new from every date.

For a while I was registered with Tinder and looked for happiness there. I know a few who actually worked this! Who found their husband on Tinder and are now expecting their first child. But not everyone is so lucky. I’ve had mostly negative experiences on Tinder. I’ve been writing tons with messages like “You look really sexy”. I found that a bit uncomfortable in itself, as I felt very reduced to my body. This message was mostly followed by โ€œWhat are you looking for here? A relationship? Then I’m out! โ€, Which only confirmed my first impression. However, my favorite was, โ€œHey. My mouth is so dry. Do you have a wet tongue for me? โ€.

After a while, I got so frustrated with these messages that I switched to another dating app, Bumble. Men cannot write to women here – the woman has to take the first step.

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