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When there is poor internal communication there are delays in project planning, having to redo or repeat tasks or even redo the entire planning.

Communication is vital to project management and company-wide planning.

Both internal communication between company employees and external communication affect the level of satisfaction of your customers. Listening to your customers plays a very important role in establishing trust and cooperation between your company and the business partners who trust you.

In order for business relationships to run smoothly, communication in customer service plays a crucial role.

Internal communication in the company affects clients detecting and perceiving a quality of service that causes satisfaction and a desire for future collaborations.

When there is good communication in the company, all employees work for a common goal and this is reflected in their relationship with customers, thus creating “corporate culture”.

When there is poor communication, as a consequence, poor work performance is generated. Performance is measured in productivity, and lack of communication results in wasted time waiting for instructions or wasted time having to redo work due to lack of understanding.

Messages are sent via email or text message, and without proper control, they can be lost or misinterpreted due to poor writing or not being very clear.

A CRM is a tool that helps to improve communication in the company, because everything is recorded in the same system that all employees can access.

Telephone calls, pending meetings, planning of new tasks or the insertion of the follow-ups and actions carried out are inserted in the CRM so that they are accessible to all the users involved in each project.

In addition to this management tool, alert mechanisms and notifications are needed to help this communication be more fluid and avoid repetitive tasks (such as calls to the same client by two users) or forgetting important tasks or appointments , as well as remembering to send the necessary documentation for billing, for example.

These mechanisms must control all processes, regulate tasks and centralize information, and all this can be done thanks to workflows combined with the management tasks used by the company.

A workflow or workflow is a structure of tasks that determines what actions go into an activity or a process, in what order they will be carried out and under what conditions.

Workflows are used to automate processes. Using workflows helps you be carefree by not having to be aware of the consequences that occur when performing several tasks.

It is a way of working with many processes at the same time, avoiding manual errors and, of course, saving a lot of time and consequently, reducing costs.

But the most important thing is that the workflows will allow you to offer a more personalized communication in the company, avoiding sending repetitive information or forgetting to send the one that is necessary.

The CRM + workflow combination will allow you to work on all these premises in a simple and fast way.

The integration of workflows in the CRM makes the possibilities endless, since only the task sequences and their premises must be created, combining them with the CRM contacts in order to manage all the possible actions.

The lack of communication in the company is a problem with a solution and the solution is to use technology with tools such as CRM and process management with workflows, which achieve adequate integration of the users involved in the activities, avoiding confusion and delays .

Lean on the advantages that technology offers you and reduce the costs derived from poor internal communication in your company!

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