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Another uncomfortable reality that you live with every day is the endless workday that has you working piecemeal from sunrise to sunset with endless hours typical of a semi-slavery regime

Either because you make public health compatible with private health or working only in private, you always end up needing to spend a lot of hours working in consultation and / or on call to have a reasonable salary

There is only one way to increase your income if you follow the norms established by the agents of power of traditional medicine, write down your work schedule. If you have a query, you need more consultation hours. If you do watches, you have to do more watches. Until where?

Well, the point is that everything has a limit. The limit can be set by the bosses or you can set it yourself. Neither option is good. If the limit is set by your bosses, it is most likely not enough to achieve your goals. If they let you be the one to mark it, the one who suffers the consequences is your family and yourself at the cost of your health.

One way or another, you always end up in the middle of the perfect storm of doctor deception. Why? Well, because by paying so little, in the end the more you work, the more they earn, but at your expense. You always end up with a huge waiting list

The concept of quality care and clinical excellence has been sounding everywhere with enormous bombast for years. These are nothing more than nonsense by hypocritical managers who are infinitely more concerned with the profitability of their companies or now in public health than the health of patients.

What is the quality of care that can be offered to a patient for whom a company pays € 15 in a first appointment, € 10 as I do for the second and does not pay you if the patient needs to see you again the same month?

Keep in mind that you have to subtract from all this the percentage that the center where you work stays, the freelance fee and the personal income tax that you have to pay at the end of the year yes or yes. There are such bloody cases that I have seen colleagues work at 50% for the clinic. How much is left of each patient?

By the way, being autonomous is not as cool as it seems. Especially if you really are a fake freelancer who all they have are obligations and no advantages.

Do not fool yourself again, when you work at a percentage in a clinic but you do it as a freelancer, you are in a situation of fraud. It is what is known as “false self-employed” because you have consultation hours and you keep posted by the clinic (no matter how much they sell you, they are agreed) and you have to comply with their conditions but without vacations, extra pay or sick days . M

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