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The belief in God is the concordance of the human feeling with the supreme relations of his nature; it is the filial sense of humanity, which trusts in the paternal sense of divinity.

Belief in God is the source of the peace of life; the tranquility of life, the source of inner order; the internal order, the source of the just use of our forces; the order in the application of our forces, the source of their development and their education for wisdom – and wisdom is the source of all human happiness.

The belief in God is thus the cause of all wisdom and all happiness, and the way of Nature in the pure education of humanity.

Belief in God, you are humanity subsumed in its being; You are invariably firm in the depths of our nature as the foundation of human education, just as the sense of right and wrong and the indelible sense of right and wrong are.

Belief in God, you are the energy and participation of the people; you are the force of humanity in everything deep and high, everywhere.

Belief in God, you are not the effect and result of educating wisdom: you are the pure sense of simplicity, the ear of innocence attentive to the call of Nature, whose father is God.

Filial sense and obedience are not the subsequent result and effect of a completed education; rather, they must be prior and first foundations of human education.

The sage’s astonishment at the depth of creation and his investigation into the depths of the Creator do not constitute the education of humanity in this belief. The researcher can get lost in the abysses of creation, and can wander lost in its waters, far from the sources of the unfathomable sea.

God, father, you exist in the huts of men; God, you exist in the depths of my being; God, giver of your gifts and my joys in life; this constitutes the education of humanity in this belief; This is the force of Nature, which bases all beliefs on enjoyment and experience.

Be moved, man! -I call the people; Doesn’t it move you that the postulates of good prevail? Does it comfort or reassure you that happiness or misfortune reigns everywhere? Do not the speeches of the wise console you when the flames of misery burn you and destroy you?

You enjoy the education of Nature directed to the belief in God, when your father fortifies your being in the most intimate, calms your days, increases your strength in suffering and discovers to yourself in the most intimate the superiority of the joys of luck.

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