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How many read and hear without understanding, even believing so! To avoid this, you need pictures and things.

Through reason the fundamentals are understood; but it must be borne in mind that we are talking about a reason not yet addressed. The child should not want, then, to reason always, nor should he reason much about what is beyond our ideas. This site is not yet about speculative reason, but rather about reflecting on what proceeds according to its causes and effects. The child has a practical reason in her economy and organization.

The faculties of the spirit are better educated, doing by itself everything that is intended, for example, when the grammar rule that has been learned is put into practice. A map is much better understood when you can make it yourself. The best resource to understand is to produce. What is more or less self-taught is what is most solidly learned and best preserved. However, only some men find themselves in this situation: they are called self-taught (autodidaktoi).

In the culture of reason, one must proceed Socratically. In the dialogues that Plato, in some way, has preserved, gives Socrates – who was called the midwife of spirits – the example of how old people can get a lot out of their spirits for themselves. Children’s reason is used in many things that should not be used. They do not have to reason about everything. They must not know the fundamentals of what is used to educate them; but yes, the principles, when it comes to duty. One has to look mainly at this, not putting rational knowledge in them, but rather taking it out of themselves. The Socratic method was to give the rule to the catechist. The former is undoubtedly slow and difficult to accommodate so that while the knowledge is taken from some, the others may learn something. In many sciences the mechanical-catechetical method is also good, for example, in the exposition of revealed religion. In universal religion, on the contrary, the Socratic method has to be used. The mechanical-catechetical method is especially recommended for what has to be taught historically.

The education of the feeling of pleasure and disgust also corresponds here. It has to be negative, but without flattering the feeling itself. The inclination to comfort is worse for man than all the ills of life.

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