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But the best motivation is the love that we give to our children since their parents give us the great responsibility of having them the necessary time, where we assume the role of children, puberty, adolescents and young people, leaving aside many prejudices that allow us to work with our students.A big hug.

I very much agree with what was stated in your article and in fact, they are methods that I have been using for years. I have encountered two problems. The intellectual or professional level of the students is not always adequate, one group of students is motivated, another group is not. There are institutional restrictions, fulfill tasks, with evaluations, etc.

I find the previous notes or tics interesting and appropriate. I want to be able to share my experience in a few days, because I am beginning to make my pininos in this field.

What I am very clear about is that the example teaches and if I don’t like what I do, I cannot motivate or achieve good results.

Thank you very much for the very interesting article and I am precisely in search of material that helps me with the motivation of my students, since I am starting to work in teaching and I have found some students who find it too difficult to learn Programming and others are very fast in learning, at this moment I have a problem that I do not know what to do to help those who learn with more difficulty and at the same time make students who learn more easily continue with the program. Thank you for your cooperation.

I quite liked the article and I am going to put it into practice with my students. I am a Physics teacher with adolescent students and I think that we continually have to change and try different strategies to find the expected results, so go ahead colleagues!

The motivation that the teacher injects into each of her students is very important and with this guide we can have more tools that make us be more active with them.


In these times of a generation absorbed in technology, your contribution is refreshing and timely, thank you very much

All of this is very nice but it requires infinite resources and capacity from the teacher and very small groups. I share the opinion that they have left before that it is necessary for the teacher to have a special personality and / or know how to talk to the students.

And those who in a small group have better qualities than others in another group? How is the teacher doing? How many speeds should it go? Will it motivate those who want to perform more and have to resign themselves to being equaled, over time, below all to be able to pull the class? So any.

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